Sunday, May 4, 2014

Self Revelation and the Beach!

I know I can be a little possessive but it's a charming quality of mine, I swear it! Anyone who says otherwise doesn't appreciate my constant need for validation through "hanging out." 

Some friends of mine are heading to the beach on this fine and beautiful Sunday. Guess who was not invited? Me. Why? Is it because I live 340 miles away? Is it because driving up to their beach would be an inconvenience to me, cost me money in toll and gas, and also take about 3 hours to meet up? Maybe. Point is...I feel left out. So you know what? I'm going to the beach right here which is only 20 minutes away. Take that my-so-called friends from out of town! 
Even these goddamn birds are at the beach

I'm juggling two plans right now and betting (and hoping) that one of them will fall through. You see, in this crazy world that we live in you need to have a back-up plan and sometimes a back-up plan to the back-up plan. Plan A is to go out for lunch. Plan B is to go the beach instead and then go drinking. Which one will fall through? Which one will reign the champion plan? Stay tuned for more after the sun has gone down. 

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