Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Ode to Coffee

There's this magical little potion that I like to have in the mornings. It's my salvation. Although venomous as it is, it brings forth life. You know it as COFFEE! 

You know when Mario comes across a Star in the game and he becomes invincible? Yeah, the coffee is my star and I become invincible...for a limited time of course. It gives me that boost I need to take on the world and whatever it decides to throw at me. Yet there are things that even coffee can't handle. The barrage of aggravating questions and comments from fellow coworkers, the importance placed on futile assignments, and the madness of corporate hierarchy. Even magic can't handle that what chance does coffee have? 

Still, for a moment in time, short as may be, coffee solves all of my problems. I have something to look forward to every morning thanks to this black, teeth-staining liquid. #coffee 

Power up! 

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