Monday, May 5, 2014

Mimosas are a gateway alcoholic drink

So guess who ended up doing brunch, going to the beach, hitting up Palace and Twist? Me! The end. There I just told you what I did. For details, please keep reading. 

When did unlimited mimosas become so expensive? $30 per person? Only the richest kings of Europe can afford that. Since I forked over $30, I might as well drink my worth. And I did, and more. And that is how it all started at Oak Tavern with three of my friends. After all that alcohol I thought to my self "I should TRY and sober up with some coffee." And tried we did. But alas, there is no elixir out there to magically undo all that happiness that alcohol brings. 

The drinks did their number on me alright! There was no fighting what was coming! Though the rest is a bit of a blur, I'll just list the important things that happened:

  • Had some more drinks at Twist. Twist is a lot like that cantina in Star Wars. No exaggeration at all. 
  • Met up with more people. More witnesses to my debauchery
  • I was at Palace for about 15 minutes which felt like 3 hours in drunk time. 
  • Ended up at some bar in a hotel on 9th Street and Washington. Where I met three fine young men in which I asked if they were tops, bottoms, or versatile. Apparently it's not a very polite question to ask.
And there you go. A quick rundown of my evening. And here I am now, recovering. 

It was all a blur, literally. 

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