Monday, August 22, 2011

By the pricking of my thumbs...

Something shitty this way comes! And that is how you introduce a storm heading your way. According to our shitty forecast, a hurricane should be here by maybe Thursday, Friday or Saturday. A very shitty forecast indeed.
There are some pros for a storm coming to destroy your hometown. For one, there may not be any work! Of course, my job will probably wait until the very last minute to tell us that we don’t need to come in the office because of the impending doom looming over us. Then there’s the yummy hurricane supply food you get to eat. Hurricane supply food usually consists of non-perishable items such as: chocolate chip cookies, deviled ham, chili beans, canned soup and more cookies.
What are the cons? Your house may get blown down. But above all, the scariest thing about a hurricane is losing power. We all know that with losing power you lose your internet, air  conditioning, computer usage and any other device you hold dear that runs on power. Sure, your iPod may be able to last a few hours without having to recharge. But what happens if you don’t regain power until 2 or 3 weeks after the storm? What then, huh!? You’re screwed!
For me this will be storm number…5? I’ve lost count. In any case, this should be fun! I’m always one for the unexpected. Except for water parks. Those things scare the fuck out of me.

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