Monday, November 28, 2011

The Typo from Hell

Normally, typos go unnoticed. Spelling errors go on without so much as causing a disruption in daily life. Today though, one typo caused me to bring the fury of a thousand suns on an unsuspecting coworker.

I was given a task, a simple task, very easy. You see, I was given a date of 12/30/11. On this date I was to retrieve data. So I did my task with the honor and duty of a soldier going off to fight for his country. Fifteen minutes later, I’m done. 

End of story, right? Hahaha…no. Apparently, the date was suppose to be 12/03/11. HOW THE HELL DO YOU TRANSPOSE NUMBERS LIKE THAT? Are people this day in age that reckless? This kind of crap doesn’t fly in a military base! If you transpose numbers like that you could easily fire a missile to the White House instead of a-hole terrorist!

Like I said, these “typos,” these abominations in typing are overlooked. Well, not this time. I avenged the loss of my 15 minutes. Those 15 minutes in which I will never get back! I got on my desk and wielded my sword and yelled something incoherent but definitely sounded like English. I slashed at cubicles and smashed computers. I might have decapitated a few heads, I’m not sure. Point is, I drove my message into their psyche. Never ever screw up like that a again.

Truth is…I just rolled my eyes and sucked my teeth.

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