Saturday, February 12, 2011

iPod killed the Radio

So my doohickey that allowed me to play my iPod in the car was stolen. I hope whoever stole it is laying dead in a ditch still clutching on to the only device that brought sanity into my life.

The last week I have been listening to the radio stations on my way to and from work. Driving to and from work is a dreadful experience in the second most miserable city in the United States. Music was that little finger holding up the dam of hate from flooding the entire village. Without music, I am a monster (m-m-monster) on the streets. I rear ended an old lady all the way from 107th avenue to 97th avenue because she turned too slow. Then there was the time with school children being dragged by my car for about a quarter of a mile until their little hands couldn’t hold on any longer.

But anyway, point is…the radio sucks. There are obnoxious commercial ads (411 Pain being the top one) and lousy radio personalities (2 Girls in the Morning, yeah, real original). This is what I have been dealing with for the last week. Shower me with pity! ::cricket noise::

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  1. Hey you get into a car accident... CALL 411 PAIN!