Friday, February 18, 2011

Bringing Balance to the Force

The other gay guy from my department was given the boot! A rival is defeated! The Soviet Union to my America (Cold War reference) ceases to exist! Thus leaving me as the dominant queen of this 30 x 40 feet area! In essence, I’m the only gay left which leaves things unbalanced around here. I’m probably going to have to pick up the responsibilities of the other gay. His fag hags will be annexed to my collection and I will have to double my efforts in giving fashion advice. Sigh, a gay man must work for his keep!
But…a new hope is out there. See, my department rounded up some people to help us temporarily with our work. Among them is yet another gay. Already he has received praise for his good work and approachable personality. As he put it to a fellow coworker, “I’m here to shine!” Hahaha…good for you. Don’t be ridiculous, reader…I am not threatened by him! So why am I cutting the brakes of his car and wiring his computer to explode when he logs in? Mere office pranks, I swear it.
There, now everything is balanced. For now…

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