Friday, January 21, 2011

The unmentionable has happened

My computer at work has been blocked from internet usage. I am now reduced to writing my blogs on a Word document, emailing it to my personal email, opening said email from my phone, copying and pasting, and then posting to my blog from my phone. So this is what it feels like to be cut off from the world, to be in total isolation. Who knows what might be going on right now in the streets of Miami. Are we under a terrorist attack? Is everything ok in Australia?
Sure, I could use my phone’s 3G powers to access the news but that takes too long. I can’t sit around for 2 minutes waiting for a page to load.  There is absolutely nothing like using a company’s T3 internet speed to view sites like CNN or YouTube.
Oh God, how on earth will I be able to look up song lyrics in the middle of the work day? Get it together, Henry! I’ll get through this…I’m pretty sure there is a way around the system. Neo figured out how to stop bullets in the Matrix. How hard can it be to get access to the internet in the office? Pffft…easy peasy.
Mark my words…the next time I write it will be about my victory in sticking it to the man (manager that is)!

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