Thursday, December 2, 2010

If Looks Could Kill...

I’m a sucker for light blue and green eyes. If you catch my drift! HAHAHA! But seriously...light colored eyes = instant love.

And so, this was my thought as I stood in line at Subways. That and cursing the girl in front of me for having a complicated order. Who the hell gets grossed out by lettuce touching their sandwich? Anyway…this one guy in line, who looked like he could be a total douche with his Gucci man bag, had green eyes. Not the pond scum kind of green but more like the lightly colored boogies you had as a child. They were emerald. I immediately fall in love and stare at my lover for the next 15 minutes. And then…he vanished…I was heartbroken. Then I saw this really cute guy as I was walking to class and totally got over the other guy, haha. Does that make me shallow? Maybe!

But seriously, if you think about the person you want to fall in love with, who doesn’t think about what he/she will look like!? Certainly the person I date must have some kind of personality! For Christ sakes, it’s not as if I’ll go for some brain dead bison that only looks good…maybe, okay at least once! But appearances really mean a lot. I definitely better be able to find something attractive about you. I may not always go for the JT look alike but come on!

Honestly, I’m a modest man. I’m not looking for anyone too flashy. In fact, I would prefer if the guy I’m with isn’t such a fashion aficionado. Wouldn’t want the ol’ boy outdoing me, hahaha. Also, a lot of the fashion trends rub me wrong. Point can be an average guy with a great personality and I'll find the beauty in that.

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