Monday, November 15, 2010

The Monday Monster

Behold! The monster that lurks in the employee parking lot! It has already claimed countless victims (I say “countless” as I haven’t been able to really count how many people, if any at all, that are victims).

So I’m walking to my friend’s car to help her carry some stuff and this 18 inch monster is lying there just soaking up all the power of the sun. It saw me and ran, probably to someone else who looked more delicious.

I ran and screamed like a school girl around the parking lot (not once, not twice but thrice)! I made it safely back to the protection of my office cubicle. I did some arduous and extensive research. I googled non-native lizard species of Florida and immediately found what I was looking for. The monster has a name! Nile Monitor. According to the the Fish & Wildlife Commission, the Nile Monitor is a threat to native species, i.e. people born in Florida. OMG! Yours truly was born in Florida! Although, if you ask me, this thing is out of luck trying to find a steady supply of people actually born here (hahahaha, am I right?!).

Anyway, Mondays are boring so I thought I'd make an adventure out of it by assigning this day of the week a monster.

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