Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where are they now?

In life you meet a lot of people. Some stay and some go. Sometimes I wonder what the hell happened to those that didn’t stay. The follow is a list of people I just felt like thinking about :

  1. Rex. This guy I met online back when AIM chatrooms weren’t filled with bots. He was a junior and I was a senior. He always wanted to meet but the guy lived in Hialeah…HIALEAH! That was far as fuck and I didn’t know how to drive yet and even when I did learn to that was still too far. Anyway, I remember him mostly for his Barry White voice.
  2. That guy from Belen. So when I was a senior I met this guy online who went to Belen but lived in Key Biscayne. He was pretty cool because he gave me embarrassing information about ex-boyfriend (hahahaha). I was just reminded of him because he sent me this break beat song that just played in my iPod.
  3. Estefano. My first boyfriend (if you want to call him that). I was 16 and he was 19. We were just two souls in love (or just bored, hahahaha). Anyway, he broke up with me because I would go out with my friends and not him (more hahahaha). Funny story about him…I had a friend (same crazy from from previous entry) who liked him. So technically I stole this guy. HAHAHA…I’m Kelly from 90210
  4. Ingrid. My cousin dated this chick while we were in middle school. I never met her in person but we would talk on the phone a lot. We would talk from 6 PM to until 1 AM! Oh summer days…
  5. Omar. Omar was my first serious guy crush. The kind of crush that when I would see him come online I would get up from my chair and jump up and down (maybe). He was sort of this bad ass figure. He had a tough life and he was like this “rebel without a cause.” Anyway, he turned out to be a douche, hahaha! Get this, so he ends up dating my ex-boyfriend (Gay-arms) and does so behind my back, hahahahaha…I just want to know what happened to his shitty ass.
  6. Guy from Coral Park. So I met this guy from Coral Park, I think his name was Alex, and he was really cool. I met him through a mutual friend. I was probably going through a shy stage and never got to meet him.
  7. Jason. This guy was a closet case from Braddock. I remember him constantly telling me I was cute and I would tell him to meet up during lunch so we can be alone. BUT HE ALWAYS BAILED ON ME. What a flake!

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