Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not My Barry, You Bitch!

Dear Barbara Streisand,

My Civics and Government teachers called and said you’re a total fucking bitch.


A United States Citizen who paid more attention than you in 7th grade civics and 12th grade government.

That is my response to Babs’s stupid rant on Larry King the other day when she said she was disappointed in Obama. This also goes out to Gene Simmons of Kiss who said he voted for Obama out of pity and now regrets voting for him. According to people like this, Obama needs to singlehandedly fix every problem this country faces. Obama must go over the heads of Congress, the Supreme Court, and just not give a fuck about State jurisdiction to fix any and every problem.

The Executive Branch, according to these people, is the most powerful branch of government! Thomas Jefferson and your boys the anti-federalists must be having a bout of violent diarrhea in their graves! There’s this little thing called a balance of power. You know, where one branch checks the other and no one is able to be more powerful than the other. It’s done so that we don’t accidentally have a tyrant. You know, the kind of shit we bitched about in the Declaration of Independence and made it possibly through the Constitution.

So who should people’s bitching and ranting be directed to? Congress, of course! They are the ones who create and pass laws. That’s one of the many things they get to do. Yup, they are the ones in charge of passing legislation that are supposed to meet our needs or fix problems. Congress doesn’t necessarily have to follow what the president wants! Oh, is Congress not working efficiently? Guess who's in charge of their own rules ? CONGRESS. Guess who voted for the invasion of Iraq? Congress! Guess who removed the Public Option out of the Healthcare Reform bill? CONGRESS! Guess who can stall Congress from doing any of its legislative work? A Senator! It’s called filibustering! Certainly, some of you out there have seen the West Wing!? RIGHT?

Anyway, maybe the problem is with these two party systems? Or maybe a population that isn’t very educated on how its government works? Or maybe I shouldn’t watch a news report on what celebrities think of our elected President. Sigh.

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  1. You're a hero. A HERO!


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